PT950 Chain
Platinum is the ideal precious metals. Enzo 99.9% pure platinum is the most ideal ratio of 5% to 95% rhodium alloy and the production of the PT950 Platinum sayonggi is harmless to the human body. Enzo at the heart of the brand "does not change the value" lies. Enzo does not change the value of the metal that best match with the right "Platinum" is. Enzo using the best precious metals platinum handmade products crafted with a "Platinum professional studio brand".The rhodium alloy properties of the platinum-group elements, the most stable and excellent. Advantage of these rhodium alloy of precious metal materials, as well as the "Platinum 95% rhodium alloy is used for a semiconductor facility. The platinum alloy technology, thanks to the development of the semiconductor industry, and among the best in the world.
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